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7/26/2014 -   Special Teams Football Academy - NCS/Top Tier All American Kicking camp......  [St Paul, MN]
7/26/2014 -   Koepplin Kicking - COMPLETE KICKING NETWORK : Long Island Regional 2......  [South Huntington, NY]
7/26/2014 -   Ricky Krautman Kicking - Ricky Krautman Kicking......  [Ridgefield, NJ]
7/26/2014 -   ProForm Kicking Academy - National Camp Series Event with ProForm Kicking...  [Spokane Valley, WA]
7/26/2014 -   ProForm Kicking Academy - Mike Hollis 1- Day Kicking Camp Spokane...  [Spokane Valley, WA]
7/26/2014 -   Cedric Oglesby Kicking Academy - Atlanta July 26, 2014......  [Atlanta, GA]
8/2/2014 -   KCKicking - Elite Performance Camp......  [O'Fallon, IL]
8/2/2014 -   ProForm Kicking Academy - National Camp Series Event with ProForm Kicking...  [Seattle, WA]
8/2/2014 -   KICKNATION - National Camp Series - Dallas Regional...  [Dallas, TX]
8/2/2014 -   ProForm Kicking Academy - ProForm Kicking Academy 1- Day Summer Camp - Seattle...  [Seattle, WA]
8/2/2014 -   Midwest Kicking Camps - Midwest Kicking Camp...Signup Period has Ended  [Des Moines, IA]

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NFL Punting Mechanics and Analysis
by Greg Montgomery
As a swing coach, the most important (and most difficult) thing to do is understand each p...
Posted 3/21/2014

Why should colleges invest a scholarship in you?
by Marc Nolan
In the corporate world we use a Return On Investment (ROI) model to show by implementing a...
Posted 3/1/2014

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Top 5 H.S. Kickers
Long FG
Carson Wise
Skyler Southam
Daniel LaCamera
Travis Stymiest
Codan Breckenridge
Top 5 College Kickers
Long FG
Jonathan Gonzales
Nathan Criswell
Wes Medeiros
trevor spaulding
Tyler Zielenske
Top 5 H.S. Punters
James Fonseca
James Fonseca
Davis Brief
Davis Brief
Alex Probert
Top 5 College Punters
Joel Viel

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In the modern game, kicking is still very much an integral part of the NFL. Sports betting professionals actually conducted research on the subject, analyzing extra point attempts. From the 1990 to 2011 seasons, 22 seasons in total, there were 23,684 extra point attempts (PATs) during the regular season. Of these, a total of 23,325 were successfully made (98.48%).

In total, only 359 times has a kicker missed the PAT. Breaking this number down further, we found that 103 were blocked, while kickers missed 256.

Between 1990 and 2011, the greatest number of PATs missed by a team in a single season is - the 1991 Houston Oilers went 41 of 46 (89.1%). The worst season performance by a team goes to the 1993 Cincinnati Bengals, who only hit 81.3% of their PATs, going 13 for 16. These were all pure misses (not blocked).

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