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The catching and molding steps are broken up into three sections: Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced


Here are some basic steps to catching the ball. Let's start with the stance.

  1. Feet are parallel, shoulder width apart.
  2. Kicking foot is slightly forward.
  3. Knees are slightly bent.
  4. Slight body lean forward.
  5. Arms relaxed and ready to receive snap.
  6. Weight should be balanced in order to move any direction to receive a bad snap.
  7. Eyes should be focused on the snapper as you wait for the ball.

 Doug shows the stance >>

Now that we're ready to catch the ball, follow these steps to catch the ball properly

  1. When receiving the snap, keep hands out in front of chest.
  2. Keep elbows in and slightly bent.
  3. Keep your thumbs up with your hands relaxed.
  4. Look ball into hands. Catch the ball with your arms extended. Do not bring the ball into your body.
  5. Side and shuffle for bad snaps to the right or left. Try to always catch the ball in front of your body.

When catching the ball, it is imperative to look the ball all the way into your hands! Because, if you don't catch it... you definitely won't be able to punt it.

The Bad Snap drill is a simple one that will help you prepare for a worst-case scenario.


Doug demonstrates the proper technique >>


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