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The drop steps are broken up into three sections: Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced


From the center line position, place two objects like towels, cones or footballs at 45 degree angles, 4 yards from the line. This will create a lane that will help you walk in a straight line to the target. Spin the ball, catch and mold it and take your normal steps down the lane... but don't punt the football. Do this so you will get a feel for going on these angles.

Let's summarize some basic keys to punting you should remember:

  1. Proper stance and footwork.
  2. Concentrate on the catch.
  3. Mold the ball quickly with the laces up, nose tilted slightly down and in.
  4. Place the ball at impact spot with a level drop.  Slide your drop across the table.
  5. Keep everything in line - the ball, your leg, and the drop.
  6. Practice, practice, practice - especially your drop.

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You've got nothing to do all week, then on Sunday it ends up being pure chaos for 30 seconds. If you don't look forward to it, then you shouldn't be in the league.
-- Morten Andersen

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