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Iowa Kickers arrested in Bar Fight

4/1/2003, 6:34 am

Iowa's All-American plaekicker and national Lou Groza winner Nate Kaeding, and reserve punter John Gallery were among a handful of football players arrested for misdemeanor assault charges on Saturday night in downtown Iowa City. Witnesses say that Kaeding and Brion Hurley, a former Iowa placekicker from 1992 to 1996, were involved in an argument that led to a fight, which apparently started over derogatory comments made by Kaeding towards Hurley's inability to "handle his alcohol."

One witness, John Gallery who is a punter on the team, saw the incident and had these comments.

"It was pretty ugly. Nate is not an alcoholic, but Brion could barely keep up with him. There was definitely a bet involved and lots of money on the table, but it was no contest. Brion was getting punked by the entire team, and he freaked out and took a swing at Nate. Nate gave him one jab and he was down for the count. I used to think [Brion] was cool until last night."

Nate and John are both involved in spring practice with the Iowa football team. Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz refused to make any comments on the incident until he had more information, but did hint that he was not surprised that Brion Hurley was involved. Brion currently lives in Cedar Rapids and works full time at Rockwell Collins.

The incident occurred on the corner of Clinton Street and Washington Street around 1:15am. Police arrived on the scene moments later, and found Nate laughing and pointing at the injured former kicker. They were coming from the Sports Column and were on their way to Taco Bell when the incident occurred.

The two were released from Johnson County jail on Sunday morning on $300 bond. Both are scheduled to appear in court on April 24th.


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