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The punting steps are broken up into three sections: Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced


The steps are also an important key to a successful punt. How many steps to take? The optimal punt is the two-step punt.  This sets up a quick get-off time and less chance of error in your steps. Your first step should always lead off with your punting foot. Therefore, if you are right footed, it should go right, left, then punt with your right foot.

Position yourself over a straight line with the line between your a start position like you are getting ready to receive a snap from center.

Now step forward as if you are catching the snap and take your normal steps down the line… keeping the line between your feet. It is important that your feet never cross over the line. This will keep you in proper alignment to your target, with your hips parallel to the target.

Try to keep your steps as short as possible. The first step is a directional step and should be completed quickly. Be sure not to over-extend on the first step.

Complete this exercise 25 times in a row without a mistake before moving to the Intermediate level...

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I just wanted to personally thank you for creating I am a self taught kicker. Thanks to your site not only can I email you, a true to life NFL kicker, I have the chance to pick several NFL Kickers brains. Without access to a kicking coach, you are helping me improve so one day soon I can kick against you in the NFL. Thanks so much Doug for your personal touch to the site. I have been telling everyone that your site will help me get to the NFL. I am sure every kicker in our network is so thankful that 500+ kickers can talk to each other!
-- member

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