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field goal kicking tracking app for apple iOS android

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My name is Brent Grablachoff and I'm a professional football kicking coach. I originally designed the Kick Tracker App for my students to help them track, analyze and learn from their kicking stats to help improve their field goal kicking, kickoffs and punting skills. After a beta test we found the Kick Tracker App to be not only fun to use, but also extremely effective at helping to improve their overall kicking game. We then decided to release this wonderful app to everyone through the Android Market and iPhone App Store. Kick Tracker is the first of its kind and the best football kicking app for the iPhone and Android!
I could have never predicted the tremendous success we'd receive from this App! Every day I get raving reviews from fans on the Android Market and App Store and nice messages on our Facebook Page. Thanks so much for purchasing my app and for your tremendous support! Also, a special thanks to our development and creative team who helped put my ideas into fruition and launch this tremendous mobile app. To all athletes, parents and coaches... I wish you much success in your football kicking careers!


Coach Brent


Brent Grablachoff
Kicking World


Kick Tracker App from Kicking World 

download on itunes for iOS download app for andriod



The Kicker Tracker App is the easiest to use and most effective football kicking app available today. The overall process of recording your kicks and punts, tracking your performance and analyzing your stats over time is very simple to do!


1. Start a New Session
2. Choose Field Goals, Kickoffs or Punts
3. Enter kick/punt data after each attempt.


Field Goals
Enter Distance (ex. 30, 40) and Result (Make, Miss, WL, WR, S, Blk)


Enter Distance and Hang-Time (optional) in 3 digit format like 3.90


4. Continue on to each kick or review previous kicks by pressing the back or next arrows.


5. After your last kick, double check your entries and then click 'End Session'.


6. Your session statistics are then calculated and you are taken to the 'Session Summary' screen which details your key stats and each individual kick and its result (or hang-time).


7. After reviewing your Session Summary you can "Add Notes" like the wind conditions, etc. and also you can "Share" the Session Summary screen shot with your friends, teammates and coaches via Facebook, E-mail, Twitter & more!


8. Click the "History" button to view a sortable list of all your FG, KO, P workouts for quick access to any session and its stats.


9. To see your performance over the long term click the "Stats" button and break down your skills by PAT, FG, KO, P and show ALL sessions or customize your view by specific dates.


The Kick Tracker App will help you become more accountable of your kicking sessions by charting and tracking your progress over time. A famous saying goes "Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination" (Fitzhugh Dodson). Well Kick Tracker answers this for you and allows you to record all your sessions, validate your performance over time and set new goals for improvement in field goals, kickoffs and punts!


Kick Tracker App from Kicking World 

download on itunes for iOS download app for andriod

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-- Morten Andersen

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kicking punting kicker punter kickoff app for iOS android
Track your Field Goals, Kickoffs and Punts with the Kick Tracker App!

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Kick Tracker App from Kicking World