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Brion Hurley
NFL Extra Point Experiment Spurs Passionate Debate >>>

It is being called the most boring play in football.

The Point After Touchdown (PAT) has become so automatic in the NFL that fans often use th...8/19/2014

Greg Montgomery
NFL Punting Mechanics and Analysis >>>

As a swing coach, the most important (and most difficult) thing to do is understand each players 'stroke' and know how to diagnose the inconsistencies...3/21/2014

Marc Nolan
Why should colleges invest a scholarship in you? >>>

In the corporate world we use a Return On Investment (ROI) model to show by implementing a certain technology a company would be able to increase its ...3/1/2014

Nick Fleming
Divide and Conquer >>>

I went back and looked at some of the tips we post on Facebook and Twitter and I stopped on this one: "50 focused reps are 10 times better than 150 ki...12/21/2013

Nick Fleming
Heart, The Win Column and Why Belt Loops Matter in Football >>>

A great man once said, "It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit."

Let's talk about snappers.

No g...12/15/2013

Brion Hurley
How a washed up NFL kicker and punter recycle old footballs >>>

Owen Pochman and Glenn Pakulak have combined to play for 16 of the 32 NFL teams, but never ended up in a long-term contract. Such is the life of pursu...11/5/2013

Tom Feely
The Recruiting Labyrinth: Part 3, Making your Light Tower work for you. >>>

Your 10th (and 11th grade if you are late getting started) years are very important in the recruiting process.

You may or may not be playi...9/30/2013

Tom Feely
The Recruiting Labyrinth: Part 2; Becoming a Light Tower >>>

The Recruiting Labyrinth: Part 2; Becoming a Light Tower

Have you ever been in a boat late at night, trying to find your way back to the dock a...9/16/2013

Nick Fleming
Please Open Your College Football Hymnals to Page... >>>

Be in the moment. That's what they say. Every day of your life. Obsessing over what the future holds, or what the past left in it's wake, won't le...9/15/2013

Sam Watts
Pre-game warm up routine >>>

Fellow specialist and coaches

All to often we focus on the game week events, and many other things, as our school year is getting started. For some...9/15/2013

Tom Feely
The Recruiting Labyrinth-part 1: The Core Components >>>

In my first installment of this series on the recruiting process for kickers, punters and long snappers, titled "Recruiting Reality Changes wi...9/3/2013

Greg Montgomery
Catch to Kick >>>

In a typical NFL game, the punter has 1.2 seconds to punt the football. I'll say it again. From catch to kick, it takes One Point Two Seconds to compl...9/3/2013

Brion Hurley
4 Kicking Rules That You Need To Remember >>>

Here are some common questions we receive, that all kickers should be aware of, so you aren't surprised or caught off guard during a game.


Paul Assad
Kicking Simplicity with Focus - The Winning Mind >>>


“I have no future, I have no past, my main goal is to make the moment las...3/19/2011

Brent Grablachoff
What Are The Best Kicking Shoes? >>>

When I was in high school I spent hours researching kicking cleats trying to find what the best kicking shoe is and figure out the differences between...12/17/2010

Brion Hurley
Practice like a game situation >>>

As I talk with kickers and punters, I'm reminded of how much advice I give that differs from what I actually did as a young kicker/punter.

One ...9/19/2010

Doug Brien
The Success of a Season is determined in the Off-Season >>>

Over the course of my 15-year kicking career, I have noticed a strong correlation between the vigor with which I attacked my off-season program, and m...1/1/2010

Jim Bouchard
Lessons from Nick Folk's Slump >>>

First, Nick Folk is a quality NFL kicker. He's proven on arguably one of the best special teams organizations in the NFL going nearly 84% in his rooki...12/23/2009

Paul Assad
Fake It, 'Til You Make It >>>

How To Reduce Anxiety Before Any Kick, Kick Off, Punt or Long Snap.

Here's a great way to reduce anxiety before any attempt.

Act as if!<...12/11/2009

Paul Assad
Punting Technique Review >>>

These are some of the Punting concepts considered "Hybrid" new in contrast to the things we were

doing even just 10 years ago. I hope you enjo...6/2/2009

Brent Grablachoff
How To Make a College Football Recruiting Hot List >>>

Do you have a college football hot list? What is a hot list? A hot list, as I call it, is a checklist of all the colleges you are interested in atte...1/12/2009

Lee McDonald
Recruiting Realities: Inside the Numbers >>>

As the recruiting process picks up during your senior year, shoot for the stars but

make sure your college goals are realistic. For kickers, punter...1/5/2009

Lee McDonald
Highlight Video Tips >>>

If you want to play college football, making sure you have a good highlight tape or DVD is very important. Send film to your top schools and be sure t...12/27/2008

Sean Riley
Raising the standard of your kicking performance >>>

Today kicking at the high school level is very competitive. It is not a big deal to hear a kicker booted a forty-yard field goal in a game or kicked t...9/25/2008

Jim Bouchard
Talking Yourself into Peak Performance >>>

Let's face it, as a kicker you're expected to talk to yourself a lot! Sometimes nobody else even wants to talk to you! All joking aside, 99% of kickin...6/18/2008

Stefan Nickel
The Mental Aspect of Kicking >>>

It's a rainy day. The score is 21-21. Only four seconds on the game clock. The ball is on the 20-yard line. Coach yells "Field Goal!" I run on the fie...2/17/2008

Jim Bouchard
Through the Pipes: The Secret of Kicking Power >>>

I'm not just talking about how far you kick. Power is the result of work over time. Power is your capacity to perform effectively. A 50 yard kick that...2/7/2008

John Matich
Yoga for Kickers >>>

During my latest Yoga Retreat in Mexico, I went through numerous stretching, balancing and posture exercises. The list included yoga poses, foam rolle...11/28/2007

Sean Riley
Dealing with Pressure >>>

Dealing with pressure at the high school level is very important. The first thing you need to realize, is that this is just a game and it is meant to ...11/14/2007

Lance Ortega
Interview with Dan Titchener, Punter for the University of Nebraska >>>

The San Diego School of Football surveys all current and former students with major college experience. The survey helps current SDS student-athletes ...10/28/2007

Lee McDonald
Recruiting Realities: Fall of Senior Year >>>

Your senior year is finally here. Just like that your high school career is almost over. As your season begins, it is critical that you have a game ...10/12/2007

Brion Hurley
Do your teammates respect you, or make fun of you? >>>

There has always been a negative stereotype of the unathletic, soccer-turned-football placekicker who doesn't deserve to be on the football team. Rece...9/23/2007

John Matich
Six Tips To Improve Your Place-Kicking >>>

My philosophy is to adopt a simplest kicking swing possible. The following drills/tips will help you start to develop a "kicking system" and add dista...9/16/2007

Lance Ortega
What Colleges are Looking For >>>

Parents are constantly asking me what the colleges are looking for from a kicker or punter. First and foremost, the colleges look for someone who wil...5/8/2007

Paul Assad
Kick Off Explosion Drills >>>

Many players fail to set up to kick as effectively as they could. This drill helps rehearse steps, timing and explosion with alignment, distance and b...3/31/2007

Moira Stuart
See the kick, be the kick! >>>

Visualization is the mental skill that athletes use to see themselves executing the perfect kick, punt or kickoff before it happens. Specifically, the...3/16/2007

Tom Feely
Mental Toughness >>>

An important quality of a successful athlete, and especially a successful kicker and/or punter, is "mental toughness". When the skill levels are equal...3/1/2007

Lance Ortega
Preparing Kickers and Punters for the College Game >>>

When these students were home from college over the winter break, I surveyed them on their high school careers to better prepare the next class of our...2/15/2007

Lee McDonald
Cold Weather Kickers: How to Train Indoors >>>

If you are a kicker or punter from a warm weather climate, this article is not for you. However, if you live in a place where the weather prevents ye...1/30/2007

Paul Perrone
Alignment and Positioning Tips for Young Kickers >>>

Most young kickers can benefit from conserving motion, slowing things down, and making the kick smaller. These are the most common errors I find in wo...11/28/2006

Doug Brien
How to Get Noticed by College Football Programs >>>

The world of college football recruiting has gotten very competitive. It is competitive both from a player's perspective and from the school's perspe...5/1/2006

Billy Cundiff
The Importance of Flexibility >>>

Kicking the football accurately on a consistent basis is an extremely challenging task. Most kickers have what I refer to as "one-dimensional" flexibi...11/30/2005

Bill Renner
Bombs Away Punting >>>

It is preseason and as coaches we are preparing our offense, defense and special teams. When we do our kickoff unit we will all be looking for the kic...10/22/2005

Bill Renner
Pre-Game Warm-Up Schedule for Punters and Kickers >>>

After a thorough and productive week of training designed for your punters and kickers to be able to give a maximal performance on game day, you need ...9/11/2005

Jan Stenerud
Jan Stenerud's Kicks and Tips 3 >>>

I always tell young kickers that good coordination and athletic ability is important if you want to excel. I encourage young athletes to participate i...7/15/2005

Jan Stenerud
Dealing with Pressure Situations >>>

The NFL Playoffs get underway this weekend. That means the place kicker's job will become even more pressure-packed than usual. Over the years, I deve...7/1/2005

Chris Sailer
The Kicking Game >>>

"Special Teams" is one third of a football game. Any good coach knows how important it is to stress the kicking game. Yet somehow kickers, punters, ...6/23/2005

John Matich
12 Kicking Secrets >>>

I've compiled a list of 12 suggestions that will guarantee success in your kicking game. My recommendations include: hiring a coach, find a workout pa...6/20/2005

John Matich
How to Make the Perfect Plant >>>

Do you always make field goals? You do? Well then, stop reading because you don't need my assistance, but if there are times you've missed field goals...6/13/2005

Brad Bohn
Visualization Techniques >>>

Practicing technique and routine will give you a tremendous sense of confidence when thrust into a pressure situation. However, if you have never been...6/11/2005

Jan Stenerud
Jan Stenerud's Kicks and Tips >>>

Article appeared on on 11/30/04.

Greetings! I am Jan Stenerud, Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 1991. Since this is my first ap...6/3/2005

Chris Sailer
Recruiting: The Life Of A Kicker >>>

Here is a summary of the recruiting process as you progress through high school.

John Matich
Techniques to Becoming the Best >>>

What differentiates a good kicker from an MVP all-league is what they believe they can accomplish. If you believe in yourself, that you can do anythin...5/10/2005

Kris Brown
Golf is a Helpful Hobby >>>

The first part of this off-season is really the time when I try to relax and get away from football. I like to travel and really take a break from wor...4/30/2005

Billy Cundiff
Kicking Drills - Volume 2 >>>

In the second part of the series, here are some more kicking drills that I find useful for improving my accuracy and consistency. Hopefully you'll fin...3/25/2005

Paul Assad
What a personal coach can do for you >>>

There's a reason NFL and top college players use a personal coach: Working with a personal coach is one of the fastest, easiest, most successful ways ...11/18/2004

Billy Cundiff
Kicking Drills - Volume 1 >>>

In this first part of a multi-part series, there are a few kicking drills I like to do to help my kicking. Hope you find them helpful in improving you...11/4/2004

John Matich
Qualities of a Placekicker >>>

The qualities of a top-notch place-kicker can be broken down into both physical and mental preparation. Without these attributes, a kicker will have ...8/27/2004

Freddie Capshaw
Directional Punting >>>

Directional punting can be an unmatched weapon in the special teams game if executed effectively. If you want to separate yourself as a punter, you mu...8/18/2004

Mike McCabe
The Art of Punting - What is Needed to Coach Punting Properly >>>

You must set a punting and kicking training program that has an emphasis on technique development. Regardless of the level of performance your punter ...8/16/2004

John Matich
Functional Training For Kickers & Punters >>>

As a professional kicking coach, regularly I am asked about how kickers can improve their flexibility and further extend their kicking distances. Ove...8/7/2004

Paul Assad
Friction - Part of the Evolution in Punting >>>

Applying common sense and knowledge of universal movement, balance and problem solving and considering our Specialist are athletes not just kickers th...5/3/2004

Chris Boniol
Maintaining Strength Throughout the Long Season >>>

November is the time of year when legs start to get tired. Kickers have been at it nearly every day since early August. "Dead leg" starts to set in....11/4/2003

Paul Assad
Basics of Center at Impact to Kick like a Pro >>>

With Common Sense and basic movement and balance applications we can simplify the kicking process (pictured is Matt Bryant, NY Giants

Rookie Scorin...8/29/2003

Chris Boniol
Recommended Workout for Two-a-Days >>>

Here is a 2-a-day workout you can download and follow in the upcoming weeks. Let me know if you have any questions.

Paul McCord
Guide To Being an Exceptional NFL Specialist >>>

Breaking down a career is largely based upon the individual characteristics of each person trying to make it in the NFL. Here are a few commonalities ...5/10/2003

Paul Perrone
Five Keys to Power (Part 1) >>>

Young kickers, like other young athletes, are awed by power. They look for anything that offers them the power "edge." Many young kickers believe that...4/19/2003

Rex Robinson
Practicing with Purpose >>>

Tiger Woods dominates the sports pages these days, but one of my heroes as a young athlete was Jack Nicklaus. You know, the one Tiger aspires to equal...4/19/2003

Chris Boniol
Mental Practice >>>

The question asked of me the most throughout my playing career and my coaching career is "How do you tune the crowd out during a last second field goa...4/19/2003

Paul Assad
Develop and Program Your Habits >>>

Here's what we call the "3-Point Drill".

PART 1. Leg Swing Inside to Impact

Leg Swing - Muscle Memory - Train the leg to com...3/28/2003

Stefan Nickel
Ralf Kleinmann Interview >>>

The following is an excerpt from an interview with Ralf Kleinmann, Frankfurt Galaxy kicker in the NFL Europe League.

Nickel: How is it for y...3/26/2003

Rex Robinson
The Decision to Excel >>>

It was January 1978, and I was going through my first off-season workouts at the University of Georgia. It was by far the toughest thing I had ever be...3/14/2003

Paul Perrone
Proper Approach Angle and Distance >>>

History -- As field goal percentages at the pro level have risen in the last 15 years, the approach angles the kickers use have become narrower...3/8/2003

Rex Robinson
Preoccupied with Power >>>

One of the areas of kicking that rears its ugly head first is the dragon of power. Young guys become infatuated with it almost as much as Gallium with...2/25/2003

Chris Boniol
Take Advantage of Your Kicking Situation >>>

There are some important aspects of kicking that are often overlooked because, and let's face it, not many coaches were kickers. Does "Keep your head...2/21/2003

Stefan Nickel
Manfred Burgsmueller - Dreaming of a Touchdown >>>

After retiring from soccer, a lot of people thought that it was a promotion gag to let Manfred Burgsmueller kick field goals for a pro football team (...10/1/2002

Stefan Nickel
Interview with Dolphins Kicking Coach Doug Blevins >>>

The following is an interview with Doug Blevins, who gained coaching experience in NFL Europe

You were the Kicking Coordinator for the NF...9/9/2002

Brent Grablachoff
College Football Recruiting Process for Kickers: Which University Kicking Camps should I attend? >>>

Many college football teams will not offer a recruit unless they see him perform in-person. Performing well in front of coaches in a pressured camp en...12:00:00 AM



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