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The drop steps are broken up into three sections: Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced


One of the most important components of the punting motion is THE DROP. This is what determines whether or not you strike the ball effectively. Once you catch the ball, rotate the ball so the laces are facing upward. Dominant hand should be placed on back quarter of the ball. You should have fingertip control of the ball. Your grip should allow you to wave the ball around with only your dominant hand on the ball. Opposite hand should be placed on the mid-section of the ball with a very light grip.

Now turn the ball slightly so the forward tip faces your target at an angle of 11 o'clock... and the back of the ball points to 4 o'clock (don't drop the ball on a straight line to the target).

The nose of the ball should also be tilted slightly downward.

Try this drill to see how your drop is coming along - Line Drop

Additional Help: If you are "pooch" punting and do not want the ball to turn over, tilt the front nose of the ball slightly upward.  If you are punting into a strong wind you may want to try dropping the front nose of the ball even more.

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Doug and Tommy's Frequently Asked Questions: "When I punt, the ball comes off my foot in a tight spiral and has great height, but I can't get the ball to turnover at the top of it's trajectory, I was wondering if you have any tips or drills to solve this problem?" -- Click here to read our answer

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